May Allah give me the beautiful way to get all of my dreams
Amin ya Rabb    

Inspired by one of my friends, Ami who has written about her resolutions for this year  here ,I would love to draw my own dreams too. #Copycat,hehe 😀


Still in the same person, in the same name , in the same soul.
Here they are my dream clouds for this year

I will …

  1. InshaAllah, I will recite Qur’an every day, one day one juz
  2. InshaAllah, I will make shaum Daud as my routine
  3. InshaAllah, I will make Shalat Duha,Rawatib,Tahajud, and other Shalat Sunnat become my habit
  4. InshaAllah, I will get scholarship
  5. InshaAllah, I will publish my own mini books and an inspiring book written along with some of my friends
  6. InshaAllah, I will teach Qur’an for children
  7. InshaAllah, I will  adopt a sister

I will have …

  1. InshaAllah, I will have memorized Qur’an juz 30
  2. InshaAllah, I will have mastered almost all of the skills needed by Midwife
  3. InshaAllah, I will have had mini library
  4. InshaAllah, I will have had an English course for elementary and junior high school
  5. InshaAllah ,I will have run reading and writing course for pre-school and kindergarten
  6. InshaAllah, I will have been fluent to speak in English, Arabic, and Java

And the last one which is still dancing on my mind :
Should I start to have a deep discussion with my family about nikah this year?
Should I put it on my list?

Well, there are still many unwritten dreams that need to be transferred to my dreams board.
If you are eager to know about those, just come over to my beautiful mind.
I ensure, you will find many tremendous  dreams still laying on it 😀

These are my dreams, my resolutions
and yours?