Essay : The Midwives

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The Midwives

Whenever people ask me to give some views about midwives, included the questions about who are the midwives, what are their role in our life cycle or etc., it automatically leads my mind to the time when I know the midwives for the first time. So I would love to and prefer to share the short story regarding this thing first.

In the age of 5, the time when I came to know about the health profession. It is clear enough in my mind that in my childhood, whenever I got some kind of illness, like fever, cough, diare or etc.  my parents always took me to the house of doctor, pediatric doctor, to get help. This thing happened time by time.  So, it ultimately gave me a conclusion that the doctor was the only one who could cure all abnormal things happening in our body. Unfortunately, this perception could not stand any longer. I found another health provider, midwife. It was when my mom got pregnant and should give a birth. I was wondering at that time why my dad did not take my mom to the doctor, but to the house of midwife or it would be fairly proper if we called it by clinic. This unusual  thing triggered my curiosity. When I was there, I observed all of the coming people. I found many ones had the same physical appearance as my mom, having a baby in their belly. It was successful ruining my mind for a while. Because the thing I have known was the people who could give the treatment for all of the health cases just simply a doctor. But now, the lady noticed as a midwife could do so, especially in pregnancy and labor. This is my point of view about midwives at the time I got to know them.

In our society, many people argue that midwives are the ones who merely give a hand to the pregnancy and labor. In fact, it is quite least true. As far as I learn, the definition and the role of midwives are wider than what they assume. The midwives have larger images.

Firstly, midwives are one of the health workers who are much willing to give their lives for humanity all the way. I do not mean to say that the other health professionals are not game to do so, but here midwives take the big portion. For instance, If you go to the remote area and ask people about the health workers they know, they will spontaneously say midwives, not the other ones. Once again, I want to bold that I do not tend to underestimate the others, but fact tells like that. The image of midwives who could solve and learn of everything do close to the inhabitant’s mind. Not only fertile women but also men, adolescence, children, even the old ones come to the midwives to get help. They come over with all kind of diseases and do not mention about the time. In the early morning or midnight, they will knock the door of midwife. And of course, the midwife will welcome them with the smiling face.

Next, midwives are the determinant of the health standard of the nation. As we know, the standard of health much depends on the number of morbidity and mortality of inhabitants. One of the health workers who know much well about this is midwife. The midwives, as I mention above are the closest figure to the society. They are the front liner. Whatever the condition of society, the midwives are the ones who are fully responsible for those all. If the midwives could handle the health cases well and decrease the number of morbidity and mortality, automatically it will increase the health standard of nation, and vice versa. So, the midwives take the big role here.

In brief, being a midwife is a pride for us. Whenever and wherever you are, please do not shy to tell and shout that I am a midwife, because we are the mom of the new life.


2 thoughts on “Essay : The Midwives

  1. I agree, well, that’s the fact. For the people in remote area, midwives are like one stop health professionals, their roles are not limited to help pregnancy and labor problems.

    It’s so different with pharmacists, seems that we need to spread our wings to reach every village in Indonesia.

    1. yes true mi 😀

      ami ami ami..
      actually,if you dont mind,i need you to check my grammar and its content 😀
      is it ok,mi? or need to be rearranged mi?

      my english assignment for english class,
      upss 😀

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