my IELTS writing : traffic problem

Encouraging people to use public transport is the best way to solve traffic problem in cities. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, the massive increasing number of transport production causes several issues in this worldwide, including Indonesia as one of the highest consuming countries. One of the main problems which could not be overcome by our government until now is about the traffic problem occurring in some big cities. This phenomena, unpredictably has succeeded to attract people to give some accelerating ideas, encouraging society to choose public transport for moving. This alternative seems to be the right choice because of its strong reason behind.

The encouragement of public transport like bus or public car will make people leave their own facilities and as the result, it will give positive impact to the traffic. It is known, the large number of transport using is one of the main causes of the traffic. According to the fact found, there are at least about 2 or 3 private transportations in a family living in the big city which has the huge number of population. Consequently, It will make the traffic becomes busy all time. But it could be solved when mostly societies tend to use public transport and leave their own at home. So that it will decrease the number of the transport on the road. Then, this reduction must automatically influence the traffic that make it better.

In short, the using of public transport takes a big role to reduce the traffic in cities. Government however should take this step as good solution for this case.


Mr. Bagus,said
Alternative thesis statement :
The traffic problem must be solved with encouraging public transportation for a strong reason and a guarantee of its convenience.

Possible band : 7


2 thoughts on “my IELTS writing : traffic problem

  1. Yes, and I hope the government consider our opinions 🙂 Encouraging citizens to use public transport, along with convenient transport facilities, also good infrastructures, should be overcome traffic problem.

    By the way, what are the differences between IELTS writing and other writing. Is the word count also considered?

    1. InsyaAllah mi 🙂

      ya mi,we should have at least 250 words in our paper for task 2.
      there are 2 part in writing session mi
      task 1,you should describe about the graph given,min 150 words
      task 2,asking our opinion about current issues happening in our society

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