my IELTS writing : Test

This is my writing test
in the last session of writing class

Pare,monday-7th of October 2013

Nowadays,Indonesia is known as failed country. There found numerous complicated problems in the country which can not be solved. Some people argue that the nation needs just reformation in some effects,while others believe that Indonesia needs total revolution. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The complicated problems happening in Indonesia, make some people think that reformation should be done to this unlucky country. The complex problems facing by Indonesia,occurring in all aspect of human life, actually need total revolution, not partial one. It could be true,according to some reasons that form the background of this statement.

Firstly,Indonesia has weak governments. This is the main reasons provocating the total revolution should be applied. As it is known,if a nation has a good stake holder,automatically the government administration is running well too. Then,the organizing government will influence the stabilization of country. In the end,the stabilization of country will bring less problem to the nation. It will be vice versa,if the country has chaos governments. Everything will be in a terrible mess. That is why total revolution is needed.

Next,many extreme problems have touched the society life in this country. It is not all about the huge number of people living in poverty,but more than that. It is about the effect caused by this problem. Too many complications that should be solved by the government. This nation,Indonesia,will always stay in total confusion,if the revolution are not arranged yet.

In brief,Indonesia needs the revolution to become better nation in the future. Now,soon,or never.

Possible band : 8


2 thoughts on “my IELTS writing : Test

  1. Total revolution, of course 🙂 Reformation is not enough to pull up this nation. It cannot recover Indonesia from all the problems, too 🙂
    I just found a typo: vise versa, it should be “vice versa”

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