Smoker have rights too,so they should be allowed to smoke in public places. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In this day and age, many ones are speaking about human rights. Everything is always related to it. One of fairly hot issues talked by mostly people currently is about the smoker rights, allowing them to puff away in public places. This thing absolutely invites many criticisms from wide society. Many one assume that giving the smoker a chance to smoke in public places, it could harm the passive smokers. According to the fact, this is quite true. There is a reason showing why the smokers should not be allowed to smoke in public places.

The smoke of cigarette could endanger the health of passive smokers. There are many journals and researches telling that the possibility of getting the bad effect of smoking is much bigger in passive smokers than habitual smokers. Many people hospitalized in the hospital with disease caused by the smoke of cigarette, like tuberculosis, heart attack, miscarriage, and lung cancer are the ones who do not have the history of puffing away. Most of them are the individuals dealt with the smoke of cigarette every day, every time, and everywhere. They inhale contaminated air for their lives. Seeing this reality, it is such an ironic thing, if the chain smokers are still permitted to smoke in the free air. They should be stopped smoking in public spaces.

In brief, if the smoker could ask the freedom to smoke in public area, so the society, the passive smokers, could also have a chance to have uncontaminated air for living.


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