my IELTS writing : reading comics

Reading comic only rot the children’s mind than provide any good education. How far do you agree or disagree?

There is a theory telling that if the parents wish to develop the reading habit of their children, giving them the simple readings such as comics, magazine, folktales, or etc. is the best starting step. But mostly parent are least selective to choose the proper reading for their kids, especially a comic, the most wide spread one around the young. Some parents pretend that the contents of comics do not need to be screened  first.  Because of designed for kids, positively the feature will give a good learning for them. Unfortunately, the fact is fairly opposite. Almost all of the comic give some bad educations, like teaching the young to behave out of their age and providing them indecent image that should not be seen by this age.

Beside the television, comics can also influence the kid to have a bad behavior. The comic of “Crayon Sinchan”,the most popular imported comic, is one of the sample of them giving much negative education for kid. At least 2 or 3 parts in the chapter of the comic show how Sinchan, keynote character, commits the rudeness to his parents, teachers, and friends. Moreover, he also flirts the young lady that should not be done by five years old kid. Although, the author of it tries to describe Sinchan as the funniest child, unfortunately his over silly deeds could provoke the children reading this to do impolite behaviors. If the children always read such kind of reading, surely they will get much more negative learning than positive ones.

Another bad side of comic that parents should be concern is many indecent pictures drawn by the writer.  This thing exists not only in teenager’s comic but also in children’s. The cute character, Shizuka, ever wore indecent clothing in one of the Doraemon comic series. It is seemed like common thing, because she is 2D character printed in the piece of paper. But this small thing could give many contributions to the children’s mind and their development. As it is known, the kid could adopt easily what they have seen for many times, whether it is good or bad.

In conclusion, comic is not highly recommended to be read by kid as the alternative reading to get good education


Mr. Bagus said,
” You should not only talk about Japanese comic but also European comics, such as wonder women,batman,even donald duck which sometimes teaches children to commit negative deeds.”

Possible band : 8


2 thoughts on “my IELTS writing : reading comics

  1. Agree (again) 🙂 Even in Japan, Crayon Shin-chan is not tended to children, but adults. And, Shizuka, it’s so vague, I nearly accepted it as normal fashion for kids.

    Hmm, in my opinion, the use of ‘vice versa’ in this writing is not too appropriate. Vice versa means ‘begitu pula sebaliknya’ if I’m not mistaken.
    Unfortunately, the fact is fairly vise versa
    –> what if : Unfortunately, the fact is fairly opposite. ?

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