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Writing class…

Many people think that online game could give more negative effect to the teenagers. Do you agree or not?

The developing of technology, especially internet, has bought many changes in our daily life. As one of the programs that is mostly used by the society now, internet offers several enticing facilities for its user. One of the most flourishing ones is online game which is much well known in the circle of the adolescents. Nowadays, the over using of online game by teenagers make some people, especially their parents, have negative thought about that. Most of them assume the online game gives more negative effects than positive ones for teenagers. As a young adult, who ever played online game,I am personally in line with mostly parents say. From my point of view, there are two negative things caused by playing online game.

Firstly, playing online game could make the young become addicted. It could be said that people who like playing online game just as the one consuming the drugs. They wish to play again and again. The gamers do not care about the other activities or surrounding. Because the one thing in their mind just all about the game. Whenever their desire could not be fulfilled, absolutely they will be mad, like the consument of drugs.

Another negative effect of online game is much time wasted.  If we ever star at the players, we will be surprised by the time that they waste in front of computer. It could be more than an hour a day. Meanwhile, they, who are also the students and the children of their parents, have particular thing should be done first. As the student, they have duties to do the assignments and review the lesson learned at school. Besides, they should also help their parents as the symbol of devotion. But, by playing online game they have wasted their time to unimportant activity and left the fundamental things behind. This called as letting go the priceless to the trash.

In short, playing online game contributes much negative effect for the teenager such as make them become game freak and waste their precious time.


Mr. Bagus, my writing teacher,said,
”It would be better if you start learning the way to present something based on the third person’s view!”

As a young adult, who ever played online game,I am personally in line with mostly parents say. From my point of view,there are two negative things caused by playing online game.

3rd person’s view :
According to the facts happened among people,nowadays the statement about the bad effect of game online is true. At least,there are two negative effects caused by playing online game.

Possible band,according to Mr. Bagus is : 8

“If you got 8 from me,it does not positively mean that 8 will be yours in the real IELTS test.”


2 thoughts on “my IELTS writing : online game

  1. Personally, I have not played online game seriously. Somehow, I just not too interested with games.
    I hope you can get a good score in real IELTS test, Riza 🙂 Good luck

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