my IELTS writing : career

More and more people are arguing nowadays the idea to have a single career is worse than to have several career or ways of earning money. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

Recently, it is usual phenomena when we find people working as teacher, doctor, etc., on the other hand they also have a side job. Many ones doing such thing argue that having a single career is not enough to obtain amount of money. Fortunately, this statement is quite true. There is a strong reason behind which is related to this case showing how important to have several jobs to earn money.

In this era, the cost of living always increase time to time. It is the main reason why people think several career are needed. To fulfill their necessity of life is not enough if they just rely on a single occupation. If they wish to life in extravagance,absolutely the wage that they gain from the main job will not make their dream come true. Today, even for living in modestly, it is too hard if they have one or two ways income. At least two or more job are needed for that.

In brief, having several ways to earn money are something that should be done in this century to survive and fulfill the necessity.


Mr. Bagus  commented :
>> In this era,the cost of living always increase time to time.
This topic sentence is not properly right.

>> People need much money to fulfill the cost of living which always increase
It is better if you write like this one.

Possible band : 7


One thought on “my IELTS writing : career

  1. Wow, sugoii!!! Amazing 🙂 I do not know how many sentences will be written if someone asks me to compose an article in English 🙂
    We share similar opinion. It’s true that life expenses force people to get a (or several) side job(s). Sometimes, I dislike people who throw their noble professions and exchange them with money. I know it’s somewhat harsh, but I can’t help it.

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