written by anonymus (a muslim brother)

 i want to give a general perspective about love 

  1. firstly there exists two genders-male and female…both have attraction for each other….as they mature and become young hormonal changes take place and both want to get physical pleasure from each other…this is a universal fact….
  2. As muslims we have to follow commandments of ALLAH to be successful in this life and hereafter…as muslims we need to submit our WILL TO THE WILL OF ALLAH…
  3. Physical attaraction will happen to everyone…and this increases as a man-woman see each other more often …in todays world hijab has decreased….the free mixing of man-woman generally happens…so these feelings increase even more…in young age what we feel is love is mostly infatuation only which is mistaken as love…..
  4. as muslims we have been given the right to derive pleasure from opposite sex only after marriage…so if a person genuinely likes other person should be frank and talk to the parents and arrange for marriage….
  5.  so i personally feel that we should stay away from thinking about love and a person of other gender and instead spend our time in rememberence of ALLAH…we will get what is destined for us at proper time…insha-allah..what we can do i pray to ALLAH to guide us to right path and grant us spouses in which our betterment is there…ALLAH KNOWS BEST

in case of doubts in any matters of LIFE pray to ALLAH and perform istikhara and contact authentic scholors

whatever is written is a human work,so if any mistakes are there may ALLAH forgive us ..aameen


very nice perspective from one of my muslim brother