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The lost inheritance

With the name of Allah who is most beneficial and merciful.

written by a good one for people who deserve

First of all i’m very thankful to Allah who gave me power to write all.

There is always been a great debate on Islam and science. Some people say it’s different and some says it’s same,but many people are totally unaware of all. And psychology is the best topic of sicence to discover humanity.
As we are muslim and follow Islam,although we not,but still our religious book Holy Qur’an is the best book to read and all world oblige this.

Today we are going to follow western lifestyle and all,but we should know that although they are not muslim but nowaday they are adopting Islamic rituals and traditions as they belong to them.They are coming toward Islam and they are followiing characteristic of Islam at a very large scale.

Every one is in search of peace and comfort. Then modern science gave birth to its new branch,named psychology. It’s branch of science and people are coming to get peace and read psychological treatment of diseases. A big number of people are coming toward this. Today we are being ruled by machines senseless things which are crushing our feeling rituals and mutual cooperation.

We are quite curious to know social problem and characteristic of a common man ,to give its solution to make him calm,satisfied,and confident in his work. This profession is developing day by day and people are making huge amounts.

But i’m very sorry to say ,we are going to read hundreads books and wasting time to know psychology of people,and in meantime the disease become more intense even he is died before treatment.Whereas our religious book gives treatment of all things. Either its individual social economical,family or anything.

Holy Qur’an maintain its superiority by saying who will like to read and ponder over it will find all more than his expectations. There is more than three hundred times its order to check,ponder and know about mankind and universe,but we dont consider it.

If we may consider it,then we will come to know our rituals and traditions are the best to learn understand and promote mankind and all its characteristic.
When we meet,we chat,give time to suggest about the best solution for problem and sharing information,make strong relation than before. If we may consider Islam as our well-wisher then all solution will be at your door step.

No hurry,no worry,honestly,earnesty,and be patient at all are policy of Islam. I believe this all is enough to comfort mankind

In the end,i would like to conclude that our religion gives code of conduct to life. There is no fight between Islam and science,but islam emphasis to discover more and more to enrich mans abilities.

May Allah gives us power to follow real Islam which is lost in colours of world.



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